[74], Details on the Mauretanian events of 39–44 are unclear. Aldrete, Gregory. P. Bicknell, "The Emperor Gaius' Military Activities in AD 40". [59] He built a large racetrack known as the circus of Gaius and Nero and had an Egyptian obelisk (now known as the "Vatican Obelisk") transported by sea and erected in the middle of Rome. Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. [113], Caligula's actions as emperor were described as being especially harsh to the Senate, to the nobility and to the equestrian order. [97][139][140] Seneca states that Caligula became arrogant, angry and insulting once he became emperor and uses his personality flaws as examples his readers can learn from. According to Cassius Dio, living emperors could be worshipped as divine in the east and dead emperors could be worshipped as divine in Rome. Zwłaszcza ta z wałkami, która wygląda jak Kaligula. When Germanicus died at Antioch in 19, Agrippina returned with her six children to Rome, where she became entangled in a bitter feud with Tiberius. He directed much of his attention to ambitious construction projects and luxurious dwellings for himself, and initiated the construction of two aqueducts in Rome: the Aqua Claudia and the Anio Novus. According to legend, during his military actions in Britannia Caligula grew addicted to a steady diet of European sea eels, which led to their Latin name being Coluber caligulensis. [67] The subject of their disagreement is unknown. The situation had escalated when, in 40, Caligula announced to the Senate that he planned to leave Rome permanently and to move to Alexandria in Egypt, where he hoped to be worshipped as a living god. Caligula's father Germanicus, the nephew and adopted son of Emperor Tiberius, was a very successful general and one of Rome's most beloved public figures. According to Wilkinson, Caligula's use of precious metals to mint coins throughout his principate indicates that the treasury most likely never fell into bankruptcy. Alexander Thomson. ), born Gaius Caesar. Caligula in a sentence and translation of Caligula in English dictionary with audio pronunciation by dictionarist.com Additionally, there are only limited details on later significant events, such as the annexation of Mauretania, Caligula's military actions in Britannia, and his feud with the Roman Senate. All the latest wordy news, linguistic insights, offers and competitions every month. Definition of caligula in the Definitions.net dictionary. [98] However, Caligula issued a second order to have his statue erected in the Temple of Jerusalem. Last 50 years Caligula, also known as Gaius, was Roman Emperor from 37 AD to 41 AD. [11] Agrippina and Caligula's brother, Nero, were banished in 29 on charges of treason. [147] Caligula reportedly talked to the full moon:[69] Epilepsy was long associated with the moon. [57] He planned to dig a canal through the Isthmus of Corinth in Greece and sent a chief centurion to survey the work. Please feel free to read what others say about this name and to share your comments if you have more information.. N.B. In early 41, Caligula was assassinated as a result of a conspiracy by officers of the Praetorian Guard, senators, and courtiers. His nickname “Caligula” translates to “Little Boot.” [44] Suetonius places the beginning of this crisis in 38. [143][144] Modern historians have theorized that Caligula lived with a daily fear of seizures. Although the Julio-Claudian dynasty continued to rule the empire until the fall of his nephew Nero in 68, Caligula's death marked the official end of the Julii Caesares in the male line. [85] The Temple of Castor and Pollux on the forum was linked directly to the imperial residence on the Palatine and dedicated to Caligula. Caligula translation in English-Latin dictionary. Despite financial difficulties, Caligula embarked on a number of construction projects during his reign. Caligula Übersetzung, Englisch - Portugiesisch Wörterbuch, Siehe auch 'calculate',calculated',calculator',calcium', biespiele, konjugation [109] They state he sent troops on illogical military exercises,[75][110] turned the palace into a brothel,[47] and, most famously, planned or promised to make his horse, Incitatus, a consul,[111][112] See also the related categories, english and latin. Get the latest news and gain access to exclusive updates and offers. [98] Jews were accused of not honouring the emperor. [79] "Seashells", or conchae in Latin, may be a metaphor for something else such as female genitalia (perhaps the troops visited brothels) or boats (perhaps they captured several small British boats). [44], According to Cassius Dio, a financial crisis emerged in 39. The cryptoporticus (underground corridor) beneath the imperial palaces on the Palatine Hill where this event took place was discovered by archaeologists in 2008. What does Caligula expression mean? [72] Pliny claims that division was the work of Caligula, but Dio states that in 42 an uprising took place, which was subdued by Gaius Suetonius Paulinus and Gnaeus Hosidius Geta, and the division only took place after this. [101] In this context, Philo wrote that Caligula "regarded the Jews with most especial suspicion, as if they were the only persons who cherished wishes opposed to his". Suetonius said that Caligula suffered from "falling sickness", or epilepsy, when he was young. [10] After her death, he was sent to live with his grandmother Antonia Minor. "[82] In 40, Caligula began implementing very controversial policies that introduced religion into his political role. The smaller ship was designed as a temple dedicated to Diana. [52], However, some historians have shown scepticism towards the large number of sesterces quoted by Suetonius and Dio. [122] Details recorded on the events vary somewhat from source to source, but they agree that Chaerea stabbed Caligula first, followed by a number of conspirators. One coin of Caligula (AD 37–41), and two coins of Nero (AD 54–68). What is the meaning of Caligula? A cruel and insane ruler of the Roman Empire in the first century a.d.; one of the twelve Caesars. Fabius Rusticus and Cluvius Rufus both wrote condemning histories on Caligula that are now lost. Either affectionately or mockingly, Germanicus’ troops called the boy “Caligula,” meaning “Little Boots” or “Booties.” The nickname stuck, but Gaius reportedly hated it. Roman gold coins excavated in Pudukottai, India, examples of Indo-Roman trade during the period. Oderint dum metuant definition is - let them hate, so long as they fear. Meaning: The meaning of the name Caligula is: Little boots. [137], All surviving sources, except Pliny the Elder, characterize Caligula as insane. [43], During the same year, though, Caligula was criticized for executing people without full trials and for forcing the Praetorian prefect, Macro, to commit suicide. proper noun. [32][33] Philo describes the first seven months of Caligula's reign as completely blissful. How do you use Caligula in a sentence? M., TR. Freebase (4.33 / 3 votes) Rate this definition: Caligula. Suetonius: The Lives of the Twelve Caesars; An English Translation, Augmented with the Biographies of Contemporary Statesmen, Orators, Poets, and Other Associates. [101], The Governor of Syria, Publius Petronius, fearing civil war if the order were carried out, delayed implementing it for nearly a year. [129] They were unable to reach Caligula's uncle, Claudius. [63], Caligula had two large ships constructed for himself (which were recovered from the bottom of Lake Nemi around 1930). AVG. On the day of the assassination of Caligula, the Praetorians declared Caligula's uncle, Claudius, the next Roman emperor. A handful of other sources add a limited perspective on Caligula. Type: noun; Copy to clipboard; Details / edit; HeiNER - the Heidelberg Named Entity Resource . [25], When Tiberius died on 16 March 37 AD, his estate and the titles of the principate were left to Caligula and Tiberius's own grandson, Gemellus, who were to serve as joint heirs. Caligula phrase. In 40, Caligula expanded the Roman Empire into Mauretania and made a significant attempt at expanding into Britannia – even challenging Neptune in his campaign. RCC. [61] He had planned to rebuild the palace of Polycrates at Samos, to finish the temple of Didymaean Apollo at Ephesus and to found a city high up in the Alps. The young Gaius earned … [98] Disputes occurred in the city of Jamnia. We regularly present performances of "Caligula" with English surtitles. [155] The obverse of the coin contains a picture of a Pileus which symbolizes the liberation of the people from the tax burden. Definition of Caligula in the Idioms Dictionary. To humiliate the senators of Rome, he appointed his horse to the senate. The larger ship was essentially an elaborate floating palace with marble floors and plumbing. J.H. Untouched by the deadly intrigues, Caligula accepted an invitation in 31 to join the emperor on the island of Capri, where Tiberius had withdrawn five years earlier. [125] These wounded conspirators were treated by the physician Arcyon. POT. Katz, "The Illness of Caligula" CW 65(1972),223-25, refuted by M.G. Caligula, by French author Albert Camus, is a play in which Caligula returns after deserting the palace for three days and three nights following the death of his beloved sister, Drusilla. Add your entry in the Collaborative Dictionary. His favourite sister, Julia Drusilla, died in 38 of a fever: his other two sisters, Livilla and Agrippina the Younger, were exiled. [62][63] It was said that the bridge was to rival the Persian king Xerxes' pontoon bridge crossing of the Hellespont. Caption: C. CAESAR AVG. Type: noun; Copy to clipboard; Details / edit; HeiNER - the Heidelberg Named Entity Resource. After only four years, he was assassinated by members of his bodyguard and the Roman Senate.During his reign, many innocent people were killed without fair trials. [36][37] Caligula collected and brought back the bones of his mother and of his brothers and deposited their remains in the tomb of Augustus.